How To Install   mzControlTool

Download the file and extract the files.

Place in your Maya scripts folder.
(Usually found in the following folders.)

    Mac OS:

Run the script using a python command

Open the Maya Script Editor. ( Windows > General Editors > Script Editor)
Click on a Python tab and type in the following lines of code:

    import mzControlTool as mct

Then click on the play button

Control Install Image

To Make a shelf button for the script

Follow the above instructions, but don't click on the play button.

In the Script Editor menus, select File > Save Script to Shelf… Control Install Image

To replace the shelf button image with the mzControlTool icon image:
Right mouse click on the shelf button and select edit.
Select the Shelves tab.
Where it says Icon Name, replace the current image with the mzControlToolIcon.png image.