A handy tool for speeding up your animation is the mzControlTool which can be used with the mzFishTool, mzSnakeTool, and mzButterflyTool. Below is a description of how each button works on the control.


When you're working with multiple creatures, click on the creature that you want the controller to control, click the Select button and you're now ready to use any of the other buttons on the control to help you animate.

Select Button Image


The Play button allows you to play through the current animation. The button to the left and right of the Play button enable you to go to the previous or next key frame from your current position on the timeline.

Play Button Image


The Key button creates a key frame for the selected creature at the current time. If there is already a keyframe at this time, clicking on "key" will delete the existing keyframe.
Key Button

Slow and Fast Buttons

These buttons speed up or slow down animation. Move to a position in the timeline, between 2 keyframes. Press the "fast" button to speed up that section of animation by 10 frames. Press the "slow" button to slow down that section of animation by 10 frames.

Fast and Slow Buttons

The button on either side of the fast and slow buttons speed up or slow down the animation by 1 single frame at a time.

Extra Fast and Slow Buttons


Every time you make changes, you will need to press the animate button to update the creature animation.

Animate Button


The display button shows where your key frames are.

Select Path Image

S Button

The "S" button brings up a slider which allows you to change the size of your keyframe "display" circles.

S Button